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Future @ Roller

Have you heard of "Australia INfront"? No? Well, let us explain. In a nutshell it is an online community for Australian designers and creative types to share information and network. It's a blog, a forum, an events organiser with some classifieds thrown in. If our…

PETRO – Too Big To Be Human @ China Heights

BIG night at China Heights last week with the opening of PETRO's solo show "Too Big To Be Human". The man is a graffiti writer, illustrator,sculptor, installation artist and photographer and we are sure he'd go ahead and try anything else you threw at him.…

Morte @ LO-FI

It hasn't been long since our last visit to LO-FI but if there is one thing we can't resist it's a show about death. Oh so many skulls! Delicious. "Morte" was a group show curated by incredible Sydney tattoo artist Josh Roelink. He asked 25…

STROBE @ China Heights

Walking into China Height Gallery this week was the highlight of our week. Kevin Tran's collection of new works is just magical. 2203

de MeXICO – Lance Richardson @ China Heights

Pueblo Fantasma - Lance Richardson Wtih a self explanatory title like "de MeXICO" we probably need not elaborate, but we will: this collection of photos were taken in Mexico. Photographer Lance Richardson has put together a snapshot of Mexican life. He brings us the city,…

Point Of Control @ Mils Gallery

"Point of Control" is an exhibition of works from Jim Shirlaw and Joel Burrows. The work from these two artists was hugely different in style and technique. However, the exhibition united them under the common theme of control. 1737

Rather be Naked – Whitespac3 @ Mils Gallery

"Rather be Naked" is a show about exposure. Not necessarily of the lack-of-clothing variety, but of being seen and noticed. This group show was put together by the people at Whitespac3: a new online community for Australian artists. 1667

Spreading The Disease @ blank_space

It's back! After an extended hiatus blank_space's walls are once again ready to bring you 'the art'. The group of artists who had the lucky opportunity of re-opening the space as a gallery were Bennett, Kalen and Tez with their show "Spreading The Disease". 1538