STROBE @ China Heights

But I Can't Shuffle In These Shoes - Kevin Tran

Walking into China Height Gallery this week was the highlight of our week. Kevin Tran’s collection of new works is just magical.

Exploration of Space - Kevin Tran

The sensitivity of his lines and use of washes give his creatures a melancholy air. Theer are a lot of contemporary artists at the moment playing around with similar techniques but we have not seen anything so well composed and excecuted as Kevin Tran’s works.

Tran uses delicate pen-work hiding amongst the ink washes and aerosol to create detail and texture. Each work was a limited edition print from a series of 15. Being hopeless traditionalists we couldn’t help being a little sad that the originals weren’t on display.

Magic Karp - Kevin Tran

Antonio - Kevin Tran

We really encourage you to keep an eye out for whatever comes next from Kevin Tran. Unfortunately China Heights shows are notoriously short, so by the time you’ve read this post you will have missed it.

And of course we leave you with the China Heights money shot (you can tell these guys are designers). Adios for now.