Spreading The Disease @ blank_space

It’s back! After an extended hiatus blank_space’s walls are once again ready to bring you ‘the art’. The group of artists who had the lucky opportunity of re-opening the space as a gallery were Bennett, Kalen and Tez with their show “Spreading The Disease“.

(from left) Astromouse (x3) - Tez, Boyfriend Killer - Kalen, 0The Preacher of Esoby - Kalen, Thousand of UAA2 - Kalen

Bat Series 1-4 - Kalen

For a 3 man group show this was a hugely diverse exhibition. Kalen’s edgy mixed media portraits were brilliant. And their simple gestural style was a great contrast to the perfect lines of Bennett’s canvases on the opposite wall.

Trash Collective - Bennett x Phew Collaboration

Bennett’s canvases were beautifully executed. A series of collaborations with other Sydney based Graff artists including dboe, Roter and Phew. Sharp, clean lines with layered stencils made it obvious that these artists have mastered their technique.

Installation or functional bin? You decide.

(from left) Saturated Fat Red - Tez, Untitled - Tez, The Takeover - Tez

Tez is an artist who like to turn his hand to painting, mixed media, print, sculpture… pretty much anything. His collection of works was a great glimpse at his diversity.

Hijacked - Tez (print), Blow Up Your Ego! - Tez (sculpture)

Love it.

Apologies for not having names for all the works. Final touches to the listing was being negotiated. Having to name and price artwork sucks, so hard. Honestly, you have our sympathy.

Nice show. And nice to see blank_space back on the calendar.

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  1. dr dboe

    trash collective is actually a bennett x phew colab all his work in this show were cloabs with syd graff artist dboe,roter and phew!!!

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