Rather be Naked – Whitespac3 @ Mils Gallery

Suspended - Brandy Alexander

“Rather be Naked” is a show about exposure. Not necessarily of the lack-of-clothing variety, but of being seen and noticed. This group show was put together by the people at Whitespac3: a new online community for Australian artists.

Luke - Giulia Staudinger

Whitespac3 found a home for it’s curating debut at Mils Gallery. The beautiful loft space provided a perfect venue for such a diverse collection.  Works ranged from the minute to the massive. With a brief so open to interpretation, the artists clearly used this opportunity to put forward expressions of themselves.

Raven - Sarah Korte

Raven - Sarah Korte

OLE - Dioni Pinilla

Photographers, painters, designers and sculptors all caught the call out for this show. We were thoroughly impressed by the standard of work. It’s not often that such high-caliber work from so many different disciplines are hung together in a single show.

Black Circle Quadrant Painting 2010 - Hayley Megan French

There Are No Innocent Pictures - Lucia Fischer

Devo - Simon Wheeldon

Pick of the night (for me) was Simon Wheeldon’s stark charcoal drawings. I can’t explain why, but I was hypnotised.

Huh, Why Me - A’marie Roberts

Lots of people, guitars, cheese, wine and general arty fun.

Congratulations to Whitespac3 on a fantastic launch and to Mils for hosting – can’t wait for more… from everyone!