Morte @ LO-FI

It hasn’t been long since our last visit to LO-FI but if there is one thing we can’t resist it’s a show about death. Oh so many skulls! Delicious. “Morte” was a group show curated by incredible Sydney tattoo artist Josh Roelink. He asked 25 of his favorite tattoo and visual artists to create works that explored their concept of mortality.

Untitled - Dean Parkin (Sacred)

The standard of work was phenomenal. The show was also deeply personal, with each citation card including a statement from the artist giving an insight into what aspect of mortality they were expressing in their work.

Creeping Death - Steven Peters

There was a recurring style running through the show, as many of the artists were practising tattooists. Looking around the room it was evident that a lot of their work was on the bodies of friends and fans as well as the walls.

The Conqueror Worm - Teniele Sadd

Untitled - Annabelle Headlam

It’s a big call, but this gets our vote as favourite group show of the year (so far). Each piece held such mystery and melancholy.

Don't Fear The Reaper - Kris Cunningham

I am sad to say that by the time you read this the show is well and truly over. With a one-night-only opening and weekend viewing by appointment you had to be on the ball to catch it.

The crowd was big (it’s always a giveaway when the beer is gone after 30 minutes) and plenty of red dots were popping up around the walls.

Fresh limited edition prints from Roelink were available on the night. Kicking ourselves that we didn’t snap one up.

Again we are thrilled by the LO-FI space. This huge attic room with it’s high ceilings and enormous windows is just great. When the summer heat kicks in and tiny galleries are getting steamy (do you remember those January shows where no amount of heavily chilled beer can stop the beads of sweat dripping down your spine and appearing on your upper lip?) LO-FI will be the venue of choice – it has air.

We left feeling inspired and reminded of why we love this job. Art is rad.