de MeXICO – Lance Richardson @ China Heights

Pueblo Fantasma – Lance Richardson

Wtih a self explanatory title like “de MeXICO” we probably need not elaborate, but we will: this collection of photos were taken in Mexico. Photographer Lance Richardson has put together a snapshot of Mexican life. He brings us the city, the desert, the people and the politics while avoiding as many stereotypes as possible. Amazingly, he’s mostly succeeded. Richardson aims to bring home evidence of the “real” Mexico.

Walgreens, aisle 8 - Lance Richardson

Richardson has a fantastic eye for composition in his images. Be it portraits, inanimate objects or landscapes, his balance and understanding of his craft shine.

Death at the Border - Lance Richardson

The photographs revealed a humor and sadness that united the collection.

Are We There Yet? - Lance Richardson

China Heights put on a crowd as always. I love the fact that they hang the works higher these days so that the artwork can be appreciated across the packed room.

Generous sponsorship from Grolsch kept the punters happy, and hopefully helped with sales.

Desert Mausoleum - Lance Richardson

So many cows have died to dress Surry Hills this winter (we’re also guilty).

Thanks Lance Richardon for showing us your talent, and China Heights for your wonderful hospitality (as usual). Until next time.

** P.S. If you missed the show you can view all the work from “de MeXICO” at Lance Richarson’s website here.