PETRO – Too Big To Be Human @ China Heights

BIG night at China Heights last week with the opening of PETRO’s solo show “Too Big To Be Human”. The man is a graffiti writer, illustrator,sculptor, installation artist and photographer and we are sure he’d go ahead and try anything else you threw at him.

This show feels like some nutty theme park. The art room at an asylum maybe? The gallery was plastered, floor to ceiling, with the musings of an artist who definitely refuses to be boxed into a particular style.

Fantastic colour and energy was a running theme.

As was a sense of quirky humor.

PETRO is prolific, experimental and exciting. I guess it’s about here that we stop attempting to sum up such a random collection of works.  The photos shall speak for themselves:

See! Floor to ceiling. For real!

Good night, go paint some walls.

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