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Girls N Cars – Fiona Wolf @ China Heights

When you hear the title "Girl N Cars" what springs to mind? Trashy car magazines? Bikinis? Autosalon? Fresh from a win at this years Head On Portrait Prize, Fiona Wolf has different ideas. 1485

SIXTEEN @ Somedays

SIXTEEN was Jackson Eaton, Pedro Ramos, Luke Byrne, Ward Roberts, Oliver Bryce Yates, Sam Ash, Sam Stephenson, Brett Chan, Leon Batchelor, Gene Eaton, Tony Mckey, Ross Jenkinson, Sam Chiplin, Joe Coleman, Ryan Kenny and last but not least Jacinda Fermanis who pulled this bunch together…

Elizabeth Marruffo @ Friends of Leon

Leon Krasenstein has a plan: to pull the most fascinating female artists out of WA and give them an audience over here on the "Eastside". The shows at Friends of Leon Gallery provide the Sydney art scene with some fresh and amazingly talented artists. 1208

Satanism @ Gallery 9

'what' is an Australian artist who has, by no accident, chosen the weeks surrounding Easter (for those who didn't attend scripture: the anniversary of Jesus' crucifixion) to explore notions of God and the Devil in his new show Satanism. 1013

Fergus Binns + Rachel Fuller @ Chalk Horse

We couldn't resist a quick stop by Chalk Horse lat week to catch the opening of Toy Paintings by Fergus Binns and Home-Sick by Rachel Fuller, two completely different shows, one sweet little gallery. 944

Re-Opening Show @ Firstdraft

Firstdraft has been closed for a while now with the promise of bigger and better things in 2010 owing to some serious renovation work. Wednesday night was it's grand re-opening, showing off the tidy new format of the gallery and the work of 5 artists…

Jodee Knowles @ Friends of Leon

Friends of Leon Gallery played host to Jodee Knowles' homecoming show in Sydney on Thursday night. After a recent cameo in the L.A. art world, Jodee is back in Australia showing off her latest collection. 545

Mike O’Meally – Where The Wild Things Are

On this sweltering Sunday China Heights played host to a collaborative show between Mike O'Meally and Girl Skateboards, the theme of which was Spike Jonze's recent film Where the Wild Things Are. 493