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Pretty Ugly – Esjay + Toby&Pete @ Lo-Fi

Pretty Ugly – Esjay + Toby&Pete @ Lo-Fi

Pretty Ugly at Lo-Fi last week was a collab exhibition of paintings, prints and sculptures by Esjay and Toby&Pete. The gallery was dark, the beer was cold, and the art was different: just how we like it. The show was strong as a whole, but from…

Unknown Familiar – Yiwon Park @ Somedays

Yiwon Park's latest body of work opened at Somedays Gallery last week. Her collection centred around a series of delicate and surreal illustrations featuring rabbits. 3829

MEGA – Longing to be Knotted Together @ China Heights

What a surprise, it's Friday night and here we are again at China Heights! This time it is French artist/designer/journalist Mega in the spotlight. This guys is seriously talented. The show "Longing to be Knotted Together" is here in Sydney as part of an international tour…

Washed Away – Koyzndan @ Outré

Outré Gallery is proud to present "Washed Away" by Kosy and Dan... aka Kozyndan.  We can't help but think their work is like a "Where's Walley" for grown-ups. The depth, humour and detail in the duo's work is just brilliant. 3747

Jasper Knight – Sydney Boat Show @ Chalk Horse

Just in case you've been out of the loop, we feel a duty to share firstly that Chalk Horse Gallery has moved: to approximately 50 metres around the corner. And in celebration of a new home, gallery director Jasper Knight presented his new show "Sydney…

Anneli Olander – Girls and Ghosts @ Friends of Leon

It Fashion Week in Sydney so it's not a huge surprise that Friends of Leon is buzzing. The gallery prides itself on its ties with fasion and illustration and has once again brought a world leading female illustrator to our shores. 3690

The Fly In My Room – Bryan BB Bastidas @ China Heights

This has also been published on the Art Month Sydney blog, so please head along and check it out there. Otherwise, read on! Friday was just another balmy night except, finally, and just in time for Art Month, China Heights returned to the fray with…

Here Today Gone Tomorrow – Above @ Lo-Fi

Lo-Fi has quickly turned itself into one of the more popular low-brow exhibition spaces in Sydney. Last week saw US artist Above move his work from the street to the walls of Lo-Fi for his debut solo show - Here Today Gone Tomorrow. 3395