Future @ Roller

Rhett Dashwood

Have you heard of “Australia INfront“? No? Well, let us explain. In a nutshell it is an online community for Australian designers and creative types to share information and network. It’s a blog, a forum, an events organiser with some classifieds thrown in. If our description leaves you a little confused go check it out for yourself.

So anyway, the point is that Australia INfront runs a little project called “Visual Response” where it asks it’s members to create a visual response to a particular theme. This particular evening we headed up to Roller to check out the finalists for the theme of Future.

Organ Studio

The top 20 from a pool of 110 made the cut for the show with each designer putting their own spin on the theme.

James Brown

Members of the online community were the judges and voted online for their favorites. You can still see all the entries here.

In posting these pictues we realise that the gallery looks empty. It’s not true! There was sweat inducing crowd gathered for the exhibition but when we were taking photos most of them were escaping the heat of the inner chamber of Roller’s warehouse space for the breezy street access. Smart.

In addition to being the Future launch, the night was billed as Australia INfront’s end of year party. Tunes were happening, and kindly sponsored drinks were flowing.

It looks so peaceful!

Ahhh, air.