Zoe McMahon @ Satellite Cafe

“That Other Place” was an exhibition of new works by Zoe McMahon. The show was a collection of shots from recent travels, executed in her distinctive ethereal style.

There is a sense of vastness and loneliness in McMahon’s work, much a result of her composition and muted tones.

We hadn’t bee to Satellite Cafe before, and were very pleasantly surprised at what a beautiful experience their opening was. They do a wonderful job of transforming the space to house a horde of art lovers.

Hi Zoe!

There was a great turn out for the show, which unfortunately made it hard to capture many photos of the work, but we suppose that is actually a really good thing.

Instead we bring you a collection starring the fabulous punters.

It was noted that the floral arrangements were a close resemblance to Elmo’s brain.

Until next time.