Body Mod @ PolyMorph

PolyMorph was a very full house on Wednesday night for the opening of Body Mod. The group show included an impressive collection of traditional art forms, as well as performance and installation, all centering on themes of the human form and body modification.

Hidden upstairs in a gorgeous building on Enmore Road, PolyMorph usually opens it’s doors as a piercing studio. As artists themselves when it comes to needles, modification implants and hooks, it’s not a surprise that the PolyMorph peeps have spread their wings and successfully built a following in the wider artistic community.

Peter and the Girls - Nita Holly 2009

Photographer Nita Holly contributed a series of 6 stunning portraits, revealing stories of living out sexual fantasies. A book of the series accompanying the works revealed the title “What Makes Your Engine Run? Desire. Desire. Desire.

Suck It - Nita Holly 2009

Troy Hammerton’s mixed media works were delicately executed. His collaged of images and portraiture went from cheeky to sinister across his body of work.

Human Bridle - Grace Kingston 2009

Grace Kingston’s series of sculptural works experimented with erotic themes and used latex as a symbol for inorganic flesh.

Maddison Darcey’s series of drawings  each represented a different element of body modification.

Digital Prints by James Flaxman

Lovely Legs - Caryn Griffin 2010

Caryn Griffin presented an intimate series from her life drawing experiences,in inks, charcoal and water colour.

Hidden in a back corned under a suspended wax head (Icarus – Peter Skinner 2009) was the beginning of the evenings performance art – some seriously sci-fi influenced body painting by Gillian Meeke.

Atlas - Peter Skinner 2009

For Fruit Lovers - Will Coles 2010

Great turn out for the show, a lot of excited artists and a lot of appreciative art lovers. We’re looking forward to the next one.

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