Bennett – Oranges & Lemons @ Oh Really

Bennett – Oranges & Lemons @ Oh Really

‘Oranges & Lemons’ is the debut solo show for local Sydney artist Bennett. Bennett has been a regular in group shows and street art events across the country for quite some time now. It’s great to see him jump into the spotlight with a body of work that gives us more of an insight into his evoloution as an artist.

Cutelet - Bennett

Bennett’s mixed media works feature strong themes of identity and satire. He examines his fellow humans with a candy coloured palette, a good splash of humor and often sinister undertones.

Wanted Woman - Bennett

Hogjaw (detail) - Bennett

Each work combines digital and traditional techniques. Photoshop, stencil, collage and glass coating are all brought together to produce a cohesive final work. We’ve noticed that the epoxy resin coatings has become rather “in”. We’ve been spotting it all over the place, particularly in the gallery friendly manifestations of street art. It looks good.

Spit Fire Bandit - Bennett

Hello Lindsay - Bennett

Class Clown - Bennett

Hogjaw - Bennett

We hear on the grapevine that this is Oh Really Gallery’s final exhibition. Oh Really’s Facebook confirms it. We are really disappointed to see yet another great space for emerging artists fold into the pages of history. It might be too late for Oh Really to be saved, but take this as a warning – give these galleries your love or else! If you wander out to drink free beer every Wednesday and Thursday night, get your wallet out occasionally and buy a goddamn artwork. Keep these places we love open.

“Oranges and Lemons” is up until Sunday 29th May. Check it out!

Apparently their will be a closing party for Oh Really coming up in the next few weeks. Keep your ears open so that you don’t miss the opportunity to say farewell.

StupidKrap interview with Bennett about the show.