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Dementia – Tilly Leahy @ galleryeight

Dementia – Tilly Leahy @ galleryeight

Sydney local and COFA 2011 graduate Tilly Leahy opened her latest exhibition at galleryeight last Friday night. There was something undeniably beautiful and devastating about the collection of portraits focusing on her grandmother's struggle with dementia. 4432
Pretty Ugly – Esjay + Toby&Pete @ Lo-Fi

Pretty Ugly – Esjay + Toby&Pete @ Lo-Fi

Pretty Ugly at Lo-Fi last week was a collab exhibition of paintings, prints and sculptures by Esjay and Toby&Pete. The gallery was dark, the beer was cold, and the art was different: just how we like it. The show was strong as a whole, but from…

Washed Away – Koyzndan @ Outré

Outré Gallery is proud to present "Washed Away" by Kosy and Dan... aka Kozyndan.  We can't help but think their work is like a "Where's Walley" for grown-ups. The depth, humour and detail in the duo's work is just brilliant. 3747
Oh My Goodness My Gocco 2 @ Sweets Workshop

Oh My Goodness My Gocco 2 @ Sweets Workshop

Maybe we're just not as hip as we'd hoped, but when we read that Sweets Workshop was putting on a show of Gocco prints we had no idea what the hell that meant. If you're thinking something similar, let us now enlighten you via the words of…

Anneli Olander – Girls and Ghosts @ Friends of Leon

It Fashion Week in Sydney so it's not a huge surprise that Friends of Leon is buzzing. The gallery prides itself on its ties with fasion and illustration and has once again brought a world leading female illustrator to our shores. 3690

PETRO – Too Big To Be Human @ China Heights

BIG night at China Heights last week with the opening of PETRO's solo show "Too Big To Be Human". The man is a graffiti writer, illustrator,sculptor, installation artist and photographer and we are sure he'd go ahead and try anything else you threw at him.…

Morte @ LO-FI

It hasn't been long since our last visit to LO-FI but if there is one thing we can't resist it's a show about death. Oh so many skulls! Delicious. "Morte" was a group show curated by incredible Sydney tattoo artist Josh Roelink. He asked 25…

Still Life – FBi Fundraiser Auction @ The Art Gallery of NSW

FBi is a radio station that seems to always be in desperate need of cash and and as a result these guys have some very creative fundraising ideas.  2009 saw them have a shot at asking Richard Branson for $1 million and the birth of…