MCA Staff & Subset @ Gaffa

Detail of "The Last Honey Bee" - Garth Knight 2010.

The Museum of Contemporary Art provides an interesting perk for it’s employees – once a year they get to put on an exhibition. This is a showcase that  demonstrates that the people over at the MCA know their art in practice, not just theory.

"Ooze" - Jessica Haly 2007.

There’s no theme to the show, so audiences can expect anything and everything. The show included everything from traditional oils on canvas, to this beautiful ooooozing orb of chrome (which took all our self control not to touch).

"Pataphysical Investigation" - Angela Grimsdale, 2008

"Kunstman Spider" - Sarah Contos, 2008.

“Kunstman Spider” – Sarah Contos, 2008.

We really liked this work… Francis Bacon fan we’d wager.

"A long view of nothing ##1 to 5" - Rachel Forbes, 2010.

While the MCA Staff show was kicking off in galleries 1 & 2, there were actually 3 openings happening on this particular evening so the crowd was solid. Hundreds of people milling through the different rooms and taking it all in.

Gallery 3 was home to The Photogroup: Subset.

"Untitled" - Mirjana Panich.

Appologies for not so many closeups of the Subset collection. This was a very popular little show.

This relocated Gaffa is an amazing space. Galleries, studios, cafes and more, it’s glamorous new home suits it very very well.