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Object Implications – Luschia Porter @ The Tate

Object Implications – Luschia Porter @ The Tate

Designer and illustrator Luschia Porter opened her new show Object Implications at The Tate last Wednesday. Porter was able to find a balance between function and the aesthetics in her works – it made for a fantastic show. Her beautifully made furniture pieces were the highlight. Hands-on participation was encouraged…

Andrew Ensor + Beth Josey @ Hardware

As the sun dropped during the first week post daylight savings time we entered Hardware Gallery to check out the latest by Beth Josey Andrew Ensor. Josey's series of works was dominated by linoleum prints examining the many poisons that are hidden in beautiful organisms.…

Tim Schultz + Monika Behrens + Rochelle Haley @ MOP

Walking into MOP to explore Tim Schultz' s newest exhibition was a fairly frightening experience. Schultztown is a retrospective of Shultz's work, put on display as a fire sale to make some room in his studio. 3589

Morte @ LO-FI

It hasn't been long since our last visit to LO-FI but if there is one thing we can't resist it's a show about death. Oh so many skulls! Delicious. "Morte" was a group show curated by incredible Sydney tattoo artist Josh Roelink. He asked 25…

Project 5 Auction @ Leonard Joel Auctions

Project 5 is a fund-raising initiative by the Information and Cultural Exchange (ICE). The shots we're showing are from Project 5 round two. The first event in May raised over $10,000 for the guys at ICE, so they were keen to make it happen again. 2613

Still Life – FBi Fundraiser Auction @ The Art Gallery of NSW

FBi is a radio station that seems to always be in desperate need of cash and and as a result these guys have some very creative fundraising ideas.  2009 saw them have a shot at asking Richard Branson for $1 million and the birth of…

Twoone + Thomas Jackson @ LO-FI Collective

There is a very very sexy new exhibition space in Sydney -  the name is LO-FI Collective. We recommend you get along and acquaint yourselves. 2463

Pink Thing – Ali Noble @ Factory 49

There has not been a show so appropriately titled as Ali Noble's "Pink Thing". Ali gave us pink collage, pink sculpture, pink installation in the Factory 49 gallery space, as well as an impressive neon pink facelift for the Aurora Biscuit Factory across the street.…