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Kelly Rose Hammond & Holly Brown @ China Heights

Kelly Rose Hammond & Holly Brown @ China Heights

A couple of Fridays ago In the Blink of an Eye opened at China Heights. The exhibition was a collaboration between Kelly Hammond and Holly Brown, both exploring a single moment. Hammond is a commercial photographer, and there were strong influences from her fashion background…
The Collective 01 @ Kaleidoscope

The Collective 01 @ Kaleidoscope

Ever wondered if commercial photographers could still appreciate photography as art? How about create art? We have. So we headed to the opening of Collective 01 at Kaleidoscope Gallery. There was plenty of artists in this group show: Robin Sellick, Fiona Wolf, Toby Burrows, Graham Monro,…
Closer – Søren Solkær Starbird @ Art Equity

Closer – Søren Solkær Starbird @ Art Equity

Now and then the stars align and amazing things happen. For us, this was when a friend mentioned that Søren Solkær Starbird was having an exhibition in Sydney. We had heard nothing about it, shame on us! Closer is Starbird's collection of rock star portraits that…

I Know Where I’m Going! @ galleryeight

Elke Reinhuber's new show "I Know Where I'm Going!" opened at galleryeight on Friday night. It was such an amazingly positive title for a show of eerily melancholy photographs exploring the theme of diverging paths and direction. 2643

Still Life – FBi Fundraiser Auction @ The Art Gallery of NSW

FBi is a radio station that seems to always be in desperate need of cash and and as a result these guys have some very creative fundraising ideas.  2009 saw them have a shot at asking Richard Branson for $1 million and the birth of…

de MeXICO – Lance Richardson @ China Heights

Pueblo Fantasma - Lance Richardson Wtih a self explanatory title like "de MeXICO" we probably need not elaborate, but we will: this collection of photos were taken in Mexico. Photographer Lance Richardson has put together a snapshot of Mexican life. He brings us the city,…

Not With a Whimper But With a Bang @ PolyGallery

The handout for the latest show at PolyGallery summed up the exhibition nicely: "pieces by a range of disturbed young artists whose work is executed with dark humor and astonishing talent". Love it! 1681

Rather be Naked – Whitespac3 @ Mils Gallery

"Rather be Naked" is a show about exposure. Not necessarily of the lack-of-clothing variety, but of being seen and noticed. This group show was put together by the people at Whitespac3: a new online community for Australian artists. 1667
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