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Not With a Whimper But With a Bang @ PolyGallery

The handout for the latest show at PolyGallery summed up the exhibition nicely: "pieces by a range of disturbed young artists whose work is executed with dark humor and astonishing talent". Love it! 1681

Heart Your Art @ PolyGallery

The premise of "Heart Your Art" at PolyGallery was to create an exhibition for the senses. It was surprisingly confronting to engage with works that are to be experienced with more than just the eyes. "Lawn Ball" by Anthony O'Connor (above) challenged the viewer to stick their…

-TG1- @ PolyMorph

-TG1- was a showcase of new work from Troy Hammerton and Gavin Kyle. These are two artists exploring very different art forms. Yet mashed up together in PolyMorph's Gallery Space, they created some sort of ultra-violent harmony. 1011

Body Mod @ PolyMorph

PolyMorph was a very full house on Wednesday night for the opening of Body Mod. The group show included an impressive collection of traditional art forms, as well as performance and installation, all centering on themes of the human form and body modification. 618