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Rabbit Proof @ Hardware

Rabbit Proof @ Hardware

Rabbit Proof is an exhibition showcasing the work of fresh new artists studying at the Sydney Gallery School. This exhibition marks Hardware Gallery's 5th year of collaboration with the Sydney Gallery School and giving upcoming artists a chance to participate in a professionally curated show. 4263
Water and Music – Lucien Alperstein @ Hardware

Water and Music – Lucien Alperstein @ Hardware

Water and Music is the debut solo exhibition from photographer Lucien Alperstein. The collection featured a series of black and white photos from two very different angles. His water series was very personal and spontaneous, documenting friends and well... water. The music series was a collection…

Medium Vinyl 2011 @ Hardware & Plump

  After the enormous success of the first Medium Vinyl, how could Hardware Gallery not do it again? Well, not only have they done it again, but it was bigger and better than ever. With Plump Gallery jumping on board, the exhibition was across 2 galleries and displaying…
Bennett – Oranges & Lemons @ Oh Really

Bennett – Oranges & Lemons @ Oh Really

'Oranges & Lemons' is the debut solo show for local Sydney artist Bennett. Bennett has been a regular in group shows and street art events across the country for quite some time now. It's great to see him jump into the spotlight with a body of work that…

Andrew Ensor + Beth Josey @ Hardware

As the sun dropped during the first week post daylight savings time we entered Hardware Gallery to check out the latest by Beth Josey Andrew Ensor. Josey's series of works was dominated by linoleum prints examining the many poisons that are hidden in beautiful organisms.…

Kindling @ Plump

Well well, there's a new kid on the block. We only caught wind of the launch of Plump Gallery the day before the event. We couldn't we resist a peek. 1692

Medium: Vinyl @ Hardware

Hardware gallery has a hidden secret; it is a cover operation for something far more sinister. The gallery's Record Room brings vinyl fanatics from all over Sydney to this particular spot on Enmore Road to flick through thousandss of records in hope of finding some missing gem…
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