Postgraduate Exhibition 2011 @ National Art School

Postgraduate Exhibition 2011 @ National Art School

The National Art School recently opened it doors to present the Postgraduate Exhibition for the class of 2011. Years of study was condensed into a single show with the spotlight on Masters and Honors students .

The launch event featured 3 Gallery spaces, a courtyard bar and a campus of open studios. You could almost call it a theme-park for the art-inclined, but then you probably wouldn’t. Students, family, friends, and the usual collection of exhibition hounds filled the grounds to get a look at this year’s group of talented graduates.

Melissa Thompson – Lines to another dimension

Sue Grose-Hodge – Huntsman III, stencil and etching

Brendan Flaherty – Cedar, oil on canvas

Kaitlin Ku – Mouse Series (watercolour, charcola, conte on paper)

Hyun Lee – 1000 wishes

Wally McGregor – viator, digital print and acrylic on paper

Deborah Williams

The Age if Illusion – Bridgette McNab

Natasha Benten, oil on canvas

Laura Ellenberger – Portrait Suspended series, pigment on mulberry paper

Natasha Benten – Alice always wanted more attention than her girls could give, oil on canvas

Araby Steen – Amelia (Clown Face), oil on linen

Deborah Marks – Subliminal Series 7

You may have noticed that we missed a few names, blame it on that red they were serving… In any case, please hit us in the comments below if you can add any names, websites, upcoming shows and the like.

Remember, some of these guys and gals will be the hero artists of tomorrow, so look closely.

Until next time.


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