The Fly In My Room – Bryan BB Bastidas @ China Heights

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Friday was just another balmy night except, finally, and just in time for Art Month, China Heights returned to the fray with its first exhibition of 2011. Who better to start the year than celebrated San Diegan artist, Bryan BB Bastidas, with his retrospective of skateboard art and paintings – The Fly in My Room. We arrived early to snap a few photos, but it wasn’t long before the gallery was full, and steamy.

The usual crowd of China Heights fans were out in force, excited to see their Friday evening meeting place back in business and of course to see an amazing artist.

Bastidas’ prolific and colourful collection covered the gallery walls. His illustrative style is packed with humour and plays on cultural stereotypes.

Beauty and the Beast American Machine

It's A Long Way Down

Death Chief

Themes of death, psychedelia and the extraterrestrial were recurring. Bastidas’ simple lines, bold colours and clear symbolism all ensure that his artistic style transfers seamlessly from canvas to maple ply.

I Have Always Been Here Before (detail)

Roky Erickson

Roky Erickson

The collection of decks positively glowed on the walls of the gallery. It provided a glimpse of his work for various companies during his career.

Bastidas, keen to make a night of it, even kindly organised a band for the evening. They were honestly fantastic. In fact, if anyone knows who they are hit us in the comments!

The show doesn’t finish until 27 March, so get there. Maybe even ride there, it’s hip.

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See you out there.