Unknown Familiar – Yiwon Park @ Somedays

Yiwon Park’s latest body of work opened at Somedays Gallery last week. Her collection centred around a series of delicate and surreal illustrations featuring rabbits.

how to play a rabbit No.3 - Yiwon Park, 2011

Beautiful and creepy are definitely words we would use to describe the show. The china doll-faced bunny was terrifying, but also kind of cute.

in the lightest way No.1 - Yiwon Park, 2011

The minimal use of colour was perfect. It brought life and drama to Her subjects floating in their blank space.

how to play a rabbit No.1 - Yiwon Park, 2011

According to her statement, Park is exploring the representation of the rabbit in Eastern and Western cultures as a recurring theme from mythology and folklore as well as modern pop culture.

how to play rabbit No.2 - Yiwon Park, 2011

Fan club or performance piece… not quite sure. Very kawaii!

Thanks again to Somedays for paking up the fashion and putting on another great show. Until next time!