Anneli Olander – Girls and Ghosts @ Friends of Leon

HRAFN (raven) - Anneli Olander (detail)

It Fashion Week in Sydney so it’s not a huge surprise that Friends of Leon is buzzing. The gallery prides itself on its ties with fasion and illustration and has once again brought a world leading female illustrator to our shores.

Anneli Oldaner

Swedish artist Anneli Olander’s collection “Girls and Ghosts” was a series of originl ink drawings and prints exploring beauty found in imperfection. Her basic pallette and organic style wove the works together. The attitue and humor in her work was truly engaging.

Animal Instinct - Anneli Olander

We couldn’t help notice the influence of Japanese lolita design in her characters. The giveaway was the unmistakable mix of sweet and sinister.

Gossip Girls - Anneli Olander (detail)

Gossip Girls - Anneli OlanderFrench Voodoo - Anneli Olander


Floating - Anneli Olander

As always, a crowd of loyal art fans were out to enjoy the show.

Kind event sponsors had whipped up a signature cocktail for the evening. Pink Grapefurit, Vodka, Lime and FAIRY FLOSS! (and beer of course – apparently not everyone is seduced by pink…)

Another? Why yes, thank you.

Another fantastic night. Opening night events at Friends of Leon are always indulgent and of course we can’t wait until the next one.

Anneli Olander
Friends of Leon


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  1. Anneli

    Thank you for the lovely comments and photos from my opening night! I’m so sad I couldn’t make it, but seening these pictures makes me feel like I was kind of there anyway :)

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