Jasper Knight – Sydney Boat Show @ Chalk Horse

Just in case you’ve been out of the loop, we feel a duty to share firstly that Chalk Horse Gallery has moved: to approximately 50 metres around the corner. And in celebration of a new home, gallery director Jasper Knight presented his new show “Sydney Boat Show”.

Replica Endeavour – Jasper Knight, 2011

Bold colours and dripping paint are trademarks of Knight’s work, and this most recent collection does not disappoint. The works are dramatic in both their style and scale.

Replica Endeavour (detail) - Jasper Knight, 2011

Jasper Knight, 2011

It would be unfair of me not to admit that the downsizing of Chalk Hores is dramatic, to say the least. It’s a shame to see such an awesome space pushed out and into a garage sized box, losing its capacity to support the volume of artists that it could previously. Having said this, they still know how to put on a damn good show, and the quiet little alley that they now call home is extremely suitable for their loyal crowds to spill out onto the street and mingle.

Bar options for everyone, including the health concious, were kindly featured. It was an excellent way to take the edge of a drizzley Thursday night.

We highly recommend you come down and support Chalk Horse in its cozy new home. It’s smaller but there is a new intimate vibe and plenty to love.