Larger Variations – Justin Cooper @ A-M Gallery

Larger Variations – Justin Cooper @ A-M Gallery

Bright, bold, surreal and chaotic: these are just a handful of words we’d use to describe the work of Justin Cooper. We’ve been fans of his work for a long time now, so it was with great excitement that we penciled “Larger Variations” in to out hit list to make sure we got along to check it out.

For his latest show, Cooper has lined the walls of A-M Gallery with large paintings exploring historical events. The focus of the show was how the past inevitably dictates the future. In his large paintings he warped his subjects in his characteristic style. Using detailed linework and a restricted palette he created a beautifully cohesive collection.

In addition to his paintings, this show also demonstrated Coopers move into ceramics. A large collection of free-form works showcased his experimentation into the variations produced by temperature, materials and pressure.

The exhibition continues until April 5th. Get along and check it out!

Written by STROBED. 4 out of 5