The HOURS Launch @ The TATE

The HOURS Launch @ The TATE

The HOURS is 3 friends who’ve created a production team to bring more art to the world of business. They’re attempting to connect with the world of visual marketing and inject the visual arts. Considering the other successes that this team has had, we reckon they can probably do it. What better way to celebrate a business launch than pulling together 24 of their portfolio artists (themselves included) to show off their wares? No better way.

The HOURS Launch took place at the TATE in Glebe and featured 24 uniform circular boards, which each artist made their own. The exhibition was visually stunning. A very clever piece of marketing in itself, as well as a damn nicely curated show.

Artists included Beastman, Ben Frost, Bennett, Ears, Edward Woodley, Ghostpatrol, Jae Copp, Joel Birch, Jumbo, Kyle Hughes-Odgers, Kyle Montgomery, Man Man, Mark Alsweiler, Max Berry, Miso, Numskull, Phibs, Roach, Sean Morris, Slug, Thomas Jackson, Trent Whitehead, Twoone and Vans the Omega.

Keep an eye out for projects from The HOURS. We certainly will be.

Written by STROBED. out of 5