The Psychic Power of Plants @ Tiny Tailor

The Psychic Power of Plants @ Tiny Tailor

This beautifully immersive group show—The Psychic Power of Plants—opened at Tiny Tailor Gallery last week.

The walls of the gallery were lined with illustrations, photographs and living plants. It was the plants that made it for us. And for that we can thank creative minds behind the show: Candice Cameron, Kara Riley and Emma Sadie Thomson.

The show was beautifully curated. The gallery was bursting with colour and life. If you’re there hating on the succulent fad happening right now, this show might just make you a believer. (And then you can take it to the next level at the Terrarium 101 Workshop in Paddo.)

The show runs for another week or so, until September 10th. Worth checking out.

Written by STROBED. 4 out of 5