Project 5 Volume 4 @ The Rocks

Project 5 Volume 4 @ The Rocks

This year Project5 is turning 4. If you’re new to Project 5, here’s a nutshell explanation: 4 artists are provided a massive panel each and put out in public to entertain the masses with their arty skills by painting said panel. The finished works are then auctioned for the charity Information and Cultural Exchange (I.C.E).

This year includes a touch of nostalgia, with an exhibition and print series available covering the last 3 years of Project5 (exhibition continues until 25 March 2012). We speak from eyewitness experience when we say that some of the previous works have been amazing. See for yourself Project 5 Volume 3 and Project 5 Volume 2 that we covered. So, with that in mind we headed along to check out this year’s live painting event.

The artists this year are Vexta, Reka, E.L.K and HAHA – all young Australian street artists out to get some exposure and donate their time and talent to a good cause. Aactually, come to think of it we have no idea if they get paid…?

The air in the Rocks Courtyard was thick with the smell of aerosol paint and the sounds of  Future Classic DJs. We arrived late in the evening when things were winding down. The vibe was chilled which seemed perfect for a Friday evening. This little back alley location probably wasn’t the best move PR wise. Not much walk by traffic at all, unlike the Cockle Bay Wharf location of last year! Hopefully the PR machine has worked in the papers and TV to get a bigger crowd along to the auction this week.

The artworks were coming along nicely when we visited, but with another 2 days of work ahead of them, the artists were suitably relaxed.  If you’re thinking about getting your wallet out for the auction this Thursday (22 March 2012) you can see the completed artworks on the Project 5 website.

Written by STROBED. out of 5