Sal Higgens @ Salerno Gallery

Sal Higgens @ Salerno Gallery

Sal Higgens’ new show opened at Salerno Gallery in Glebe last week. If you follow this blog we probably don’t need to say much more: we’re big fans.

Down the Rabbit Hole is a collection of paintings and drawings that continues her exploration of folklore and story telling. Strong themes of childhood are throughout this show. Higgens’ bold and uninhibited brushwork brought her compositions to life. Flashes of neon lifted the otherwise subdued palette.

This was Higgens’ first show in Sydney since her re-location to Auckland. We’re very glad to see that she hasn’t forgotten about us since her move (and hopefully this doesn’t change, although an excuse for a trip to NZ wouldn’t bad a bad thing).

Down the Rabbit Hole continues until the 23rd of March. Do yourself a favor and catch it before it heads back across the Pacific!

Written by STROBED. 4.5 out of 5