Medium Vinyl 2011 @ Hardware & Plump


Rapture - SpookHouse

After the enormous success of the first Medium Vinyl, how could Hardware Gallery not do it again? Well, not only have they done it again, but it was bigger and better than ever. With Plump Gallery jumping on board, the exhibition was across 2 galleries and displaying the vinyl themed work of over 100 talented local and international artists.

The brief of course was to create a work on/with vinyl records. Some chose to use the vinyl as a canvas, others incorporated it, moulded it, built on it and even completely annihilated it.

Translations of You (part 1) - Lulu

Violet Waters - Casiegraphics

The Percussion Boys (SSO 1960s) - Amber Subaki

Radiobeasts - Kaitlin Beckett

Rotten Apple - Darren Whitfield


Rotten Apple (detail) – Darren Whitfield

Our pick of the show had to be Darren Whitfield’s work. A binary code dedication to the death of the vinyl medium. Each number cut from part of his precious collection, in particular the final orange code, made from a limited edition copy of The Smiths debut album.

Carnies - Tatiana Davidson

Brighton Laneways - CASH


Camden - annie.get.your.gun


Group shows are always a lot of fun. The caliber of artwork and the uniting theme of Medium Vinyl created something more than your average group show, it really became an exhibition of curiosities.

Flight - Annabelle Josse


DeVinyl Flowers - Annie Cole


Twigs - Jasmine Douglas

Tsukuyomi - Scott Harrison

Koi - Anna Tow

Beau - Kimbarlee Calcutron

Archimedean - Simone Lambert

Painted, Tainted Rose - Sally-Jo Saxon

Across the road at Plump Gallery the exhibition continued with more work and some contributing artists hard at work entertainng punters with some live painting (we lost the room sheet so please fill us in (!) if you know or are the artist).

The exhibition continues until Saturday 11th June. We really recommended you drop by Enmore road and check Medium Vinyl out. It’s a crazy collection that shows you people’s love for vinyl isn’t dead, and neither apparently is people’s love of recycling!


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