Wish You Were Here – Trevor King @ 48 Little Oxford

Wish You Were Here – Trevor King @ 48 Little Oxford

8:40pm Thursday night, wandering innocently up the hill to Taylor Square after the epic Motion/Pictures pop-up we noticed a crowd of people and some warm lights coming from down the Little Oxford Street alley. It looked arty and cosy so it was inevitable that we would decide to have a peek. It’s somewhat embarrassing that we didn’t know there was a gallery here, let alone that it was opening night for “Wish You Were Here” by exceptionally talented photographer Trevor King. Check out an interview with Trevor over at PagesDigital for a bit more about this exhibition.

The show was a collection of eerie landscapes captured during King’s travels. The space was perfect for the works with the bare brick walls bringing out the warmth and dream-like haze of the works. Drawing towards the end of the night, the crowd was mellow and the atmosphere was perfect. The only downside is the hangover, we’re blaming the Sol…

We can’t tell you where to find the gallery website or when something will be on next, but try and visit this gallery – if the next show is as good as this you won’t want to miss it.

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