Wild Eye @ Space@565

Wild Eye @ Space@565

Peter Sherratt

A lot of people wander past the City of Sydney RSL without a glance, or perhaps wander in for a cheap beer and a punt. Who’d have thought they’d decided to create a massive gallery space out of their second floor bar?! Not us, certainly. Space@strobed.jameselks.com565 is building a name for itself as an affordable place for emerging artist to throw an exhibition in the centre of the city. And they do know how to host an opening: live music, drinks and catering all just to entice the you, the fine people of Sydney, into supporting the space and the artists. When it comes to discovering new galleries in our fine city, the more the merrier!

Although Space@strobed.jameselks.com565 has been operating for more than a year, this was our first visit. “Wild Eye” was a group show, exploring the natural world. Flora and fauna captures through the eye of a lense, brushstrokes and sculpture. The artists involved were Stuart Cohen, Rosie Nicolai, Sandra Guy, Lesley Dimmick, Zackery Thomas, Peter Sherratt, Sarah Veitch, Neil Hammond, Mel Broe, Matt Feierabend and Di Robinson. For many of the artists this was their first exhibition, and we hope not their last.

Damsel Fly (macro). Rosie Nicolai.

Grevillea - Fossil Artefacts Series. Sandra Guy.

Sunset - last goodbye, Howlong NSW. Rosie Nicolai.

Grandeur on the Kangshung face of Everest Trek, Tibet. Di Robinson.

Wow... gotta love the RSL carpet in this place. We actually want this!

Lord Howe Is. Sacred Kingfisher, Todiramphus. Peter Sherratt.

Eucumbene River (river grass #2). Stuart Cohen.


  1. Sandra Guy

    Thanks for posting this. Just one small issue: there’s a typo in one of the tags: “Space@strobed.jameselks.com525” should read “Space@strobed.jameselks.com565”, as per the heading.
    Thanks for coming. (My work is the ceramics)

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