Fabrication – 12 artists @ galleryeight

galleryeight has once again come up with the goods with their new show ‘Fabrication.’  Opening on April Fools Day, 12 artists were asked to submit their response to the notion of the hoax or the idea of creative fabrication.

The artists DIY kits, a collaboration between Elke Reinhuber and Sebastien Pelz, were fantastic. They must have had a lot fun making the kits!

Elke Reinhuber and Sebastien Pelz Artist DIY Kits - Damien Hist (foreground) and Yves Klein Blue

Sebastian Goldspink’s photos of advertising in which he had intervened were hilarious. His subtlety in altering the advertising  by only a  little to say a lot was refreshing. Keep your eyes peeled for these in Kings Cross.

Sebastian Goldspink - Cocaine, Vagina, Meth.

Perhaps the most surprising works were those of Petra Svoboda, who has created works that look inflatable but are actually ceramic sculpture.

Petra Svoboda - Gokko-Neko (Make Believe Cat) closeup

Petra Svoboda - Gokko-inu (Make Believe Dog)

All evening we noticed people walking slowly past one of Yvonne Ribes Zankl’s trying not to look. It was only upon closer inspection that one could determine that they were being deceived (see below).

Yvonne Ribes Zankl - untitled

All the works were intelligent, often hilarious, and of a high standard. The curation for this show was excellent and reminded us of why we like visiting galleryeight.

Maz Dixon - Decline and Fall

David Willis - Memory

Boopsedaisy - Untitled

Yvette-Marie Tziallas - You Don't Know Me, I Don't Even Know Myself

Amber Wallace - Splat

Celine Robert’s more serious work dealt with body preconceptions using embroidered nylon hair to represent the parts of the body shared by both genders. The works were delicate, beautiful and somehow melancholy. You can see more of her work and musings at http://www.godhaspinkhair.com/.

Celine Roberts - His and Hers

Celine Roberts - His and Hers (close-up)

A friendly crowd turned out for the opening, including a few via webcam.

On the way out, a couple of dudes in full election spirit. Bit late.

Nothing like some paste-ups. Famous ones, even.

Shepard Fairey...? Or perhaps a "fabrication"?

Until next time.


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