Tattoo Parlour @ Outré

Tattoo Parlour @ Outré

"Muriel" - Angelique Houtkamp

Outré have just given birth to their new baby: a stunning new book featuring some of their favourite talents from the world of tattoo. Familiar names like Shawn Barber, Mike Giant, Alex Binnie, Chris Conn Askew and the beautiful Angelique Houtkamp to name a few. So of course, what better way to celebrate than with a big ol’ exhibition of works from some of the contributing artists.

The launch exhibition doubled as a showcase of new original works from Angelique Houtkamp, who flew out to Australia to rub shoulders with fans in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth (Nov 25th). Her bold and beautiful watercolour illustrations get better and better. Houtkamp continues to put her sense of humour and sharp spin on themes from classic tattoo including circus freak shows, nautical beauties and the macarbe.

"Troupe le Monceau" - Angelique Houtkamp

The very smiley Angelique Houtkamp

"ALVB" - Chris Conn.

"Croc" (top) + "Chisaki" (bottom) - Alex Binnie

"Flash with Griffin" - Thomas Hooper.

"Controla" - Dr Lakra

Ice + Sailor Jerry's Spices Rum + Ginger Beer + Bitters = Awesome!

As a final note we can’t help but lament the fact that in addition to our love for Angelique and Outré, we were super keen to see the promised Shawn Barber originals in this show… which we have been told didn’t make it through the post in time. Major disappointment. Hopefully someday Outré can pull their contacts and get Shawn Barber to Sydney – there’s nothing like a personal courier!

Check out all the work on the Outré site, some more photos on the Outré Facebook.