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The Navigator – James McMahon Dale @ Galleryeight

The Navigator – James McMahon Dale @ Galleryeight

It's really hard for us to appreciate landscape painting. Maybe its residual damage from harrowing high school essays on the Heidelberg School, who knows. James McMahon Dale in his exhibition "The Navigator", has taken the traditional landscape and cut the fat. All that remains is…
Dementia – Tilly Leahy @ galleryeight

Dementia – Tilly Leahy @ galleryeight

Sydney local and COFA 2011 graduate Tilly Leahy opened her latest exhibition at galleryeight last Friday night. There was something undeniably beautiful and devastating about the collection of portraits focusing on her grandmother's struggle with dementia. 4432

Fabrication – 12 artists @ galleryeight

galleryeight has once again come up with the goods with their new show 'Fabrication.'  Opening on April Fools Day, 12 artists were asked to submit their response to the notion of the hoax or the idea of creative fabrication. 3588

I Know Where I’m Going! @ galleryeight

Elke Reinhuber's new show "I Know Where I'm Going!" opened at galleryeight on Friday night. It was such an amazingly positive title for a show of eerily melancholy photographs exploring the theme of diverging paths and direction. 2643

Julia Schauenburg @ galleryeight

Julia Schauenburg is a photographer with an impressive resume. Her advertising and fashion portfolio is beautiful. However, it is often personal work that really brings out the most in photographers when they are able to use their art to communicate their own messages. 1212