Constellations – Sara Blake @ Friends of Leon

Friend of Leon turned international on Thursday night hosting an exhibition of works by New York artist and designer Sara Blake.

The Cock - Sara Blake, giclee print on cotton rag

Blake’s collection was a fascinating insight into her process. The collection included a her detailed and evocative sketches as concept drawings for her digitally coloured masterpeices.

Clown Mona Lisa - Sara Blake, giclee print

The front room of the gallery was hung with Blake’s finished digital works. Each on display represented a print in limited edition of 6. And sales were on fire – a credit to the Blake and her gallery that they generated so much (well deserved) interest.

Zucco the Tiger - Sara Blake, giclee print

Wind - Sara Blake, pencil & watercolour

A series of original sketches and concept drawings adorned the walls at the rear of the gallery. These sketches were beautiful.

A stealthy (not creepy!) shot of the artist remaining mysterious. Amazing tattoos!

The gallery was packed with excited art lovers. Polite elbows were employed to get a look at the works, not to mention to get to the bar for one of the gallery’s signature cocktails.

As the crowd dispersed we took our cue. Great show.