10 Girls, 10 Colours @ Salerno

10 Girls, 10 Colours @ Salerno

Jo Piper

After many attempts a similar number of failures we finally made it to an exhibition opening at Salerno Gallery in Glebe! It’s about time we checked out some fresh arty space, not to mention a fresh new exhibition. This took the form of an exhibition by 10 female jewellery designers, aka the tenmoregirls collective.

10 Girls, 10 Colours showcased the creations each artist built on the theme of a particular colour. While some artists created wearable works, we wouldn’t have said traditional jewellery design was a primary theme. Woven silver sheets, folded antique pages, giant haemoglobin molecules and impaled pink pigs were just some of the highlights.

Salerno Gallery holds a prime piece of real estate along Glebe Point Road, no doubt you’ve wandered past it many times. We strongly suggest you go in and check it out; it’s a great space with some original and inspired artists.

Tenille Evans

Carol Faulkner

Andrea Iglesias

Majella Beck

Jo Piper

Nikki Majajas

A Mi Kim

A Mi Kim

Radka Passianova



  1. Kellie

    Ooh, very cool. Was my first time at Salerno Gallery also! But I think I must of got there after you as it was incredibly packed. Maybe 200 people? The exhibition was terrific, and in a great space. I really loved the girls’ work. Saw their exhibition last year which was lovely, but this one was a step up in my opinion.
    Might try to go back this weekend so I actually have room to see the work properly!

    1. James

      Couldn’t agree more – very cool space and exhibition! By the sounds of it, I’m super glad that we got their early!

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