Pink Thing – Ali Noble @ Factory 49

Pair Bonded I & II - Ali Noble, 2010

There has not been a show so appropriately titled as Ali Noble’s “Pink Thing”. Ali gave us pink collage, pink sculpture, pink installation in the Factory 49 gallery space, as well as an impressive neon pink facelift for the Aurora Biscuit Factory across the street.

Awkward but lovely - Ali Noble, 2010.

As we mentioned, the uniting theme for the show was an amazing shade of pink. Noble’s primary materials are… well.. materials. Fabric, thread and glue are harnessed to bring each work to life.

Pink Motif - Ali Noble, 2010

There is a undeniable shift in the energy and vibrancy that different colours bring to her totemic works. Having seen previous exhibitions by Noble it is a treat to see the experimentation and evolution of her practice.

Totemise - she - Ali Noble, 2010

Factory 49 remains a bit of a secret. It is a small artist run initiative dedicating itself to the niche of contemporary abstract art. With no website and not much of a PR machine to speak of, it seems this is purely a word of mouth establishment. Consider this post as us passing the message on to you and keep your ear to the ground and check it out when you get the chance.

Aurora's Neon Stripes - Ali Noble, 2010

Across the road from the gallery Noble’s large scale installation involved a coat or two of paint for the Aurora Biscuit Factory. Neon pink roof supports and remarkably level stripes were an extension of the main exhibition: we can’t help but think such a juicy-candy-cane look seems kind of appropriate for a biscuit factory.

Aurora's Neon Stripes - Ali Noble, 2010

We did hear whispers that some of the neighbours made complaints that the shades of pink chosen were offensive… however the tagging doesn’t seem to bother anyone. Go figure. We think the guys at Aurora should commission Noble to finish the rest of the building!

Fantastic exhibition! Thanks go to Noble for loving pink so much and putting smile on our faces. And of course thanks to Aurora Biscuits for donating some tasty snacks at the opening. Gotta love those sponge fingers. Until next time.

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  1. Susan Hoff

    Love this gorgeous work, I have watched this artist evolve over the years and can’t wait to see how far she will go. Brilliant!

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