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Alexandria Lekias @ Friends of Leon

Alexandria Lekias @ Friends of Leon

Selfie Sourcing Pudding Party was a collection of colourful, intricate and grotesque works from Alexandria Lekias. The exhibition opened at Friends of Leon Gallery last month. There are only a handful of shows every year at Friends of Leon and they're always spectacular. As usual,…
Carla Fletcher – Premonition @ Friends of Leon

Carla Fletcher – Premonition @ Friends of Leon

It's the end of spring and yet somehow we find ourselves trecking around in the rain for the love of art. It's an abusive relationship, masochistic maybe, but we can't stop. We especially can't stop when Friends of Leon has it's doors open for a…

Anneli Olander – Girls and Ghosts @ Friends of Leon

It Fashion Week in Sydney so it's not a huge surprise that Friends of Leon is buzzing. The gallery prides itself on its ties with fasion and illustration and has once again brought a world leading female illustrator to our shores. 3690

Elizabeth Marruffo @ Friends of Leon

Leon Krasenstein has a plan: to pull the most fascinating female artists out of WA and give them an audience over here on the "Eastside". The shows at Friends of Leon Gallery provide the Sydney art scene with some fresh and amazingly talented artists. 1208

Jodee Knowles @ Friends of Leon

Friends of Leon Gallery played host to Jodee Knowles' homecoming show in Sydney on Thursday night. After a recent cameo in the L.A. art world, Jodee is back in Australia showing off her latest collection. 545