Love is Here @ aMBUSH

Love is Here @ aMBUSH

If your were asked to create a work inspired buy the words “I Love You” what would you come up with? For 35 creatives from around the country the answer is here in black and white (perhaps a hint of colour here and there).  The Love is Here Project complied their favourite submissions and produced a little zine. Last Thursday night at aMBUSH was the launch and we, your humble correspondents, were there.

The zine featured work from illustrators, photographers and the general public. By no means a fine art journal, the zine seems more of a snapshot of people’s response to a very personal sentiment. Tenderness, loss, joy, heartbreak, anger, lust and envy all made appearances as the artists laid bare their souls.

Linda Nguyen

Fee Harding

Shelley Roach

Daniel Angley

Stephen Tschaepe


  1. Fee

    Thanks so much for featuring me!
    Such a shame I’m a Queenslander and couldn’t make it to the opening but as a consultation I can live vicariously through the pics, so thanks!


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