Niagara @ Outre Sydney

Blast Off - acrylic on canvas

Apologies for the delay on sharing this fabulous show with you. And now that that is done and said… WOW! Outre doesn’t have too many solo shows, but when they do you know it’s going to be good. Niagara’s April solo show did not disappoint.

Niagara has a resume that would make most of us green with envy. Her status as a modern day pop-art icon, working out of Detroit, is laced closely with her history in the punk rock scene. It comes as no surprise then that there is an intense sense of power, independence and black comedy in her work.

Fuck Off Out of Here - acrylic on canvas

The series of original paintings were a really wonderful chance to see the technical skill of the artist. Her femme fatale subjects, balance of colour, texture and composition create a very unique voice. She takes this and proves to the  world the she is no Warhol/Lichtenstein rip-off.

Run - colour silkscreen

Outre’s collection of Niagara’s silkscreen prints has always been impressive but thanks to Niagara Phobia it is now spectacular. The attitude just oozes out of the frame. They make you feel you are being sucked into a sexy and rather violent technicolour film noir universe. Brilliant!

Outre’s intimate space was at capacity when we arrived. Lucky for us (and less so for others) they are one of the only galleries in Sydney that actually run a door list (we warned you in the calendar). The vibe was great, the beer was cold and the ever wonderful staff seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely.

Niagara dropped in to rub shoulders with some fans (our stealthy snap may be cheeky… but our anonymity remains secure) and soak up some of the limelight.

The backdrop was Outre’s walls, packed as usual with limited edition prints from their favorite lowbrow art gods and goddesses. We can’t deny it puts a smile on our faces when we catch a James Jean or Sylvia Ji out of the corner of our eyes.

Great show, and (although we don’t like talking $$) Outre is an stand out if you want seriously collectible art for amazingly low prices (sorry, no free knife set). If you are ever wandering around Darlinghurst in need of something to brighten your day, drop in and visit!