Stereo Portrait Project @ Oh Really

Stereo Portrait Project @ Oh Really

So, apparently there is some sort of 3D revolution clawing into cinema, TV and now clean cut portrait photography. And while Avatar was mediocre and the 3D Sate of Origin was ignored, this portrait stuff was impressive.

Michael Gracy, framed print, 2009.

The Stereo Portrait Project is a combined effort by Alex Fry and Jamie Nimmo. They both share a background in visual effects and an amazing list of contacts. Taking advantage of this, they have created an impressive collection of portraits that is a who’s who of the creative arts.

For a debut show this was a beautifully executed body of work. And while 3D portraiture and projection has been done, these guys have given it a fresh and accessible edge.

As usual, Oh Really was at capacity, although we arrived at the start of a booze drought, so the crowd did start to thin out.

The 3D glassed created a creepy sci-fi vibe. Loved it. And we have to mention that Oh Really did a great job at facilitating this show. They have taken a step in expanding their clientèle by moving beyond exclusively exhibiting street artists. This can only mean wider opportunities for this little space.

Get down and see this show before it vanishes, or loses a dimension, or something.