SIDEWAYZ 2011 @ National Grid

SIDEWAYZ 2011 @ National Grid

Seeing the Sidewayz exhibition way back in 2008 was one of the reasons we decided to get out and report to you on happenings of the Sydney art scene. Flash forward to 2011: Sidewayz is back and was held at The National Grid.

Group show auctions are often fantastic and definitely something one should always visit. Not only do you have the chance to grab a bargain, but you are supportng a worthy cause.

In this case the worthy causes were disaster relief funds for Christchurch and Japan. Each artist donated their work for auction, with all proceeds going to the causes.

Snowboards, skateboards and photography were on display. A huge variety of artists had put up their hands to be involved.

The pre-loved boards were donated for the show. It was nice to see them transformed into works of art after their retirement and who knows,  we’d certainly be mightily impressed if we saw a Ben Frost snowboard carving down the mountain…

As well as being an exhibition, Sidewayz way the launch party for Balmoral Boards’ winter season. Hundreds of people were out to catch both events.

Local street artists Beastman, Ben Frost and (? ah no! we forgot, hit us in the comments!) RJ Williams also got involved with some live mural work.

Cosy under their tent to escape the cold and the rain outside. Beverages by donation (to said worthy causes) also took the edge off. They truly picked an appropriate night to celebrate the start of winter!

Thanks to all the organisers at Westsyde Connection for bringing Sidewayz back. We’ll cross our fingers we don’t have so long to wait until the next one.

P.S. Oh, and congratulations if you won your ebay auction.