Julia Schauenburg @ galleryeight

Julia Schauenburg is a photographer with an impressive resume. Her advertising and fashion portfolio is beautiful. However, it is often personal work that really brings out the most in photographers when they are able to use their art to communicate their own messages.

Couples is a series that Schauenburg has put together exploring the idea of marriage. Each diptych is taken of a couple she knows who have recently become engaged or married.

The stark nature of the photographs is almost scientific. The Photographer explores the idea of giving yourself to someone else as a strange and beautiful phenomenon. Schauenburg describes it: “In times of individuality and self-realisation, marriage seems to be the most profound thing to give, the biggest sacrifice to make.”

The series is an amazing body of work. In understanding the artist’s fascination, you can see a respect and curiosity in the collection.

Looking at the works you do wonder at the individuality of each person. You are examining them so objectively, and yet being given a voyeuristic look at their intimate relationship. There is a surpising depth to Schauenburg’s exploration.

Nice turn out for the show. And this may sound strange, but my god the gallery smelt amazing. On this freezing evening the gallery had decided mulled wine was on the menu. Wow.

Fantastic show. Will leave us pondering.


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  2. Oli

    It was a lovely exhibition, I love Julia’s work :) Also, I agree on how the gallery smelt amazing, the spices in the mulled wine makes a great room refresher any day.

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