Jodee Knowles @ Friends of Leon

Friends of Leon Gallery played host to Jodee Knowles‘ homecoming show in Sydney on Thursday night. After a recent cameo in the L.A. art world, Jodee is back in Australia showing off her latest collection.

“In the world of things without weight” was a beautiful collection. The melancholy collection of twisted beauties were carefully composed, each character staring out of their frame with heavy lids and heavy hearts.

Jodee’s use of inks, acrylics and pen seems so meticulous, however getting close to each work reveals a hidden chaos in her stokes which she harnesses to develop the sensitivity in each character’s face.

Friends of Leon has also let Jodee loose on their gallery to create murals in the courtyard and on the front window of the gallery. A great demonstration that Jodee’s talent is not limited by scale.

Friend of Leon is a beautiful gallery space. For this show the capacity was reached and the vibe was fantastic.

Generous bar staff working hard to keep the guests happy. And worthy of note was the delicious smell of mint as the cocktail punch was topped up.

Tunes also supplied. Sweet.

The A.I.S trains their kids well to smile for the cameras! Hi Geoff Huegill!

Thanks for a great show!