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Girls N Cars – Fiona Wolf @ China Heights

When you hear the title "Girl N Cars" what springs to mind? Trashy car magazines? Bikinis? Autosalon? Fresh from a win at this years Head On Portrait Prize, Fiona Wolf has different ideas. 1485

SIXTEEN @ Somedays

SIXTEEN was Jackson Eaton, Pedro Ramos, Luke Byrne, Ward Roberts, Oliver Bryce Yates, Sam Ash, Sam Stephenson, Brett Chan, Leon Batchelor, Gene Eaton, Tony Mckey, Ross Jenkinson, Sam Chiplin, Joe Coleman, Ryan Kenny and last but not least Jacinda Fermanis who pulled this bunch together…

Julia Schauenburg @ galleryeight

Julia Schauenburg is a photographer with an impressive resume. Her advertising and fashion portfolio is beautiful. However, it is often personal work that really brings out the most in photographers when they are able to use their art to communicate their own messages. 1212

Fergus Binns + Rachel Fuller @ Chalk Horse

We couldn't resist a quick stop by Chalk Horse lat week to catch the opening of Toy Paintings by Fergus Binns and Home-Sick by Rachel Fuller, two completely different shows, one sweet little gallery. 944

Zoe McMahon @ Satellite Cafe

"That Other Place" was an exhibition of new works by Zoe McMahon. The show was a collection of shots from recent travels, executed in her distinctive ethereal style. 622

Mike O’Meally – Where The Wild Things Are

On this sweltering Sunday China Heights played host to a collaborative show between Mike O'Meally and Girl Skateboards, the theme of which was Spike Jonze's recent film Where the Wild Things Are. 493
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