Kindling @ Plump

Well well, there’s a new kid on the block. We only caught wind of the launch of Plump Gallery the day before the event. We couldn’t we resist a peek.

Bull's Skull - Willa

Kindling is the debut show for this fresh little space on Enmore road. With such a great location we have our fingers crossed for many more!

Field - Bec Sheedy

To say that the collection of work pulled together for this show was diverse would be an understatement. Rather than a well curated exhibition, this was a clear attempt to demonstrate what the gallery, as a space, is capable of. There was painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, massive works, tiny works and everything in between.

NB - didn't get the artist or title here. Fill us in!

Installation - Rachel J. Park, toilet paper

There was something crazy and ad hoc about the entire event, but it was great. The sheer excitement and enthusiasm of new gallery director Willow Kirkbright was infectious. For a show with very little time for publicity it was PACKED!

Plump Gallery was officially opened by Willow, her Aunt and her Mother. Heartfelt speaches from everyone made us all warm and fuzzy – it was a great welcome to this new addition to the Sydney art scene.

Good luck Plump, we’ll be watching.


  1. Paul Summerfield

    Wow, looks interesting! where is Plump on enmore street?
    are they looking for more artists for exhibitions??

    hey i love your blog, i wish canberra had something like this;)

  2. Willurei Kirkbright

    Thank you so very much.
    I am so happy at the turn out and warm support Plump has received.
    The two artists who collaborated to make the little toy car work are Maia Sinclair-Fergusen & Mark Swartz and the work is called The Composition of Crashes.

    Thanks again and i will be in touch.


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