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The Departed – Melanie Boreham @ Hardware

Stepping into Hardware Gallery for Melanie Boreham's new show, The Departed, was an otherworldly experience. The entire top gallery was filled with small platforms of felted human hair, suspended in the air, sprouting delicate trees which created a forest waiting to be navigated. 804

Body Mod @ PolyMorph

PolyMorph was a very full house on Wednesday night for the opening of Body Mod. The group show included an impressive collection of traditional art forms, as well as performance and installation, all centering on themes of the human form and body modification. 618

Sasquatch’s Perceptions @ Hardware

"Living Love" - felt tip pen on paper. Artist Harry (aka Debra Barry) presented her debut solo exhibition at Hardware Gallery on February 18th. After spending 9 months in prison on false charges of kidnapping and attempted murder, Harry has evolved as an artist whose work is a…

Unfolding Freedoms/Cabinet of Curiosities

The threat of rain was looming on Enmore Rd, but Hardware's warm lights and noisy buzz made it all worthwhile, not to mention the art. Maria Lizunova and Justin van den Berg were the artists in the spotlight. The upstairs gallery home to Maria's bold and tactile…
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