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Medium: Vinyl @ Hardware

Hardware gallery has a hidden secret; it is a cover operation for something far more sinister. The gallery's Record Room brings vinyl fanatics from all over Sydney to this particular spot on Enmore Road to flick through thousandss of records in hope of finding some missing gem…

Elizabeth Marruffo @ Friends of Leon

Leon Krasenstein has a plan: to pull the most fascinating female artists out of WA and give them an audience over here on the "Eastside". The shows at Friends of Leon Gallery provide the Sydney art scene with some fresh and amazingly talented artists. 1208

SafARI @ MOP Projects

Last night MOP Projects played host to the launch of SafARI 2010, a multi-site exhibition that sees a collection of Sydney's Artist Run Initiative Galleries pull together and hand their walls to a select group of emerging and unrepresented artists. 1140

-TG1- @ PolyMorph

-TG1- was a showcase of new work from Troy Hammerton and Gavin Kyle. These are two artists exploring very different art forms. Yet mashed up together in PolyMorph's Gallery Space, they created some sort of ultra-violent harmony. 1011

Fergus Binns + Rachel Fuller @ Chalk Horse

We couldn't resist a quick stop by Chalk Horse lat week to catch the opening of Toy Paintings by Fergus Binns and Home-Sick by Rachel Fuller, two completely different shows, one sweet little gallery. 944

The Departed – Melanie Boreham @ Hardware

Stepping into Hardware Gallery for Melanie Boreham's new show, The Departed, was an otherworldly experience. The entire top gallery was filled with small platforms of felted human hair, suspended in the air, sprouting delicate trees which created a forest waiting to be navigated. 804

Hunter + Hayes + West @ Grantpirrie

Despite being a leader in the Sydney gallery scene for a long while now, this was our first visit to Grantpirrie, and I believe it is in no way our last. 761

Zoe McMahon @ Satellite Cafe

"That Other Place" was an exhibition of new works by Zoe McMahon. The show was a collection of shots from recent travels, executed in her distinctive ethereal style. 622