Twoone + Thomas Jackson @ LO-FI Collective

There is a very very sexy new exhibition space in Sydney –  the name is LO-FI Collective. We recommend you get along and acquaint yourselves.

Electric Sheep - Twoone

Our fist visit to LO-FI was to check out a collection of limited edition (1 0f 1) prints from Twoone and Thomas Jackson. These two Melbourne artists have been doing amazing things. After kicking ourselves repeatedly for missing their show at China Heights a few weeks back, failing to make it to “Attic Antics” was not an option.

Headdress, floating shack - Thomas Jackson

The collection of works were very different in style, but there was a earthy undertone that united them all. Thomas Jackson’s detailed blue prints for animal attire were composed digitally from sketches and samples of finished artworks.

Saint Pole Bearer - Twoone

Twoone’s prints were reproductions of his watercolour drawings. As with Jackson’s works, there was a running theme of animal subjects. The composition and balance of the works was beautiful. Large sections of solid colour were set against areas of highly detailed line work.

master levertaiting outhouse

A floating outhouse was suspended in the centre of the room. A tangible representation of the crazy inventions going on in Jackson’s works.

You can find LO-FI in the attic space above the Kinselas Hotel. It’s high ceilings and open studio space are incredibly atmospheric. It’s unpolished wooden floors and exposed beams seemed a perfect setting for this show – the aesthetics of the artists’ work matched the venue perfectly.

The show was generously sponsored and 2 sides of the space are lined by amazingly comfy couches… seating… wow… why doesn’t every gallery have this? It’s revolutionary. No doubt they’re there as LO-FI doubles as music venue and bar. Awesome? Yes.

The stars of the evening… CHEEEEEEESE.